Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wurlitzer Carillon and AMI J

Work is progressing on the Carillon and AMI.  They are both big projects but I keep nibbling away at them between callout repairs and other faults on machines that come in for repairs. The cashbox side of the Carillion was a challenge. I couldn't get the coin reject lever off no matter how I tried. So eventually I cut the veneer with a hole in it to fit over the lever and then applied the veneer to the box with the lever still in place. Given that I used Evostick and it is a One Shot process, it certainly concentrates the mind for a few seconds!
Anyway it turned out nicely along with the front grill piece which I rebuilt with new slats across the front, veneered in the same wood as the sides.
So all I need now is the amp, so I can get the machine  up and running, and the front metal pieces so I can reassemble the front of the jukebox.
The AMI J is also coming along. I made a new wiring loom for the lighting circuit (AMI mains wiring is notorious for rotting) and put back as many parts as I can before the chrome comes back. I need to concentrate on the actual mechanism now before the chrome comes back.