Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wurlitzer 2500

I have been nibbling away at a W2500 for restoration inbetween doing up a Lyric F and saving the planet etc.  I stripped it to its cabinet and sent the metalwork away for polishing and chrome.  The estimated time for doing the metalwork is 3 months!  They certainly don't seem to be having problems with a recession.  3 months wait!

I also found a mysterious lever on the Tele-disc which hinges up.  I wonder if that is for the lid? 

I have found that the whole mechanism tilts upwards on hinges at the back but you have to clamp the mechanism down to a frame underneath first.  Whatever method was used is now missing but I have made a couple of clamps and can lift it up. Underneath is a totally useless compressed air strut like on a hatch back door so I am having to prop it up with a piece of wood to work on it.

Amusing anecdote of the week:  I went to a callout for a Rock-ola which sounded like a simple problem with a microswitch on the cam.  When I got there things were not doing what I expected. "Tell me what happened exactly," I asked.  "Oh it is hard to remember," he said.  "It was seven years ago."