Monday, July 30, 2012

Wurlitzer Lyric E (1963) and AMI J.

Lyric E (1963 version) before remoing the mech and dismantling the whole keyboard for rechroming. 

Lyric E minus mechanism, top cross piece, front window trim, and keyboard assembly.

I have several jukeboxes completely in bits awaiting chrome. It is interesting taking them apart, because you usually find some archeology, mainly in the form of American coins but the Lyric E was rattling with Irish coins and what looks like Greek coins, so that tells you a little of its history. It is in from Ireland for restoration (makes sense). And maybe someone went on holiday to Greece and found the coins were the same size as a 5p (one shilling).
The chrome on the AMI is a monster project. There is a huge part of the front end which needs to be polished or chromed so when it comes back and gets reassembled it will be extremely satisfying. One of my favourite processes in restoring jukeboxes is putting all the shiny chrome parts back on.
At the moment, however, my world is a mass of parts, drawings, and sticky-notes reminding me what I need to buy, order, or do next.

AMI J200 totally stripped down with the mech on  stand behind.
All the other bits minus the metalwork for chroming etc.