Friday, July 15, 2011

Wurlitzer Tele-Disc

I have an interesting new juke just in for repair.  A Wurlitzer Tele-Disc made in 1983.  The smoked perspex dome actually gives it a 60s look but it is very impressive and a lot bigger than I thought when looking at pictures.  The mechanics are the same as the electronic vinyl jukeboxes of the period so that doesn't hold any fears but I wonder how the lid is supposed to be held up? No support struts.  Plus the electronics is hidden underneath somewhere. 

I also got to play with a Wurlitzer 2000 this week.  I have had the privelege of restoring two of them but it was several years ago so I haven't seen one close up for some time.  I still think they are impressive but those page turners are very unreliable.  In fact they became such a problem that in later models the operators replaced them with an ugly static title rack which was so large it covered most of the visible mechanism.