Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy busy.

Why does everyone wait until a week before Christmas to have their jukebox fixed?  Anyway, apart from the usual chaos I managed to finish the W2500 which came out very well. That whole assembly of the rails on the front is a bit of a nightmare, getting it all back together but the end result was very pleasing.
I also have a few smaller jukeboxes that I am doing for myself plus customers machines in for repair.  But the recent highlight is to find, at the house of a recent callout for a totally different mcahine...a BLUE Wurlitzer One More Time.  This is probably the rarest of any production model made my Wurlitzer in recent times.  It was made specially for the Chris Rea "Blue Jukebox" tour.  Numbers vary, depending on who is buying or selling but I am pretty confident that when it was first made, it was announced by Wurlitzer that there were only six of them.  It was good to see one close up because I just thought it was like a red or black one, but blue instead. However, it is quite a bit different.  The arch and pillasters are not the usual colour and the logo in the middle is actually blue instead of red.  So it is rather unique.