Monday, September 12, 2011

A world of jukebox parts.

My jukebox world seems to be mainly one of bits recently. The Lyric is in bits waiting for chrome as I slowly dismantle the mech down to its base plate.  It is an interesting but complicated business, a lot harder than an upright mechanism, which is why hardly anyone will ever bother to do it. The W2500 is in bits waiting metalwork as I slowly service each part ready to put back together.  The Tele-disc is waiting for the amp.  And the Rock-Ola regis is in bits waiting for metal polishing day I will get round to working on it. But when the metalwork does come back, the reassambly is the fun part because everything looks so pristine.
Lyric flat mech, being stripped to its bones for repainting.

W2500 base plate freshly painted and waiting reassembly.